Welcome to Heraklion, the largest city of Crete...

Welcome to Heraklion, the largest city in Crete


The biggest in population city of Crete is located in the center of the north side of the island. The big port, with frequent routes from Piraeus and the airport with also frequent flights, facilitate thousands of tourists who visit the region. It is near Knossos, the core of Minoan culture but equally near to other areas which give the chance to visitors to admire many sights. At north beaches, the visitors will see the biggest hotels which are built near to gold-sanded coasts, while on the Libyan sea’s side there are cosmopolitan in addition to the quiet beaches that await tourists to come. Beautiful sunny coasts await those who love the sea. Amnissos, Saint Pelagia, Kali Limenes, Malia, Chani Kokkini, Limenas Chersonisou, Matala and Ammudara are some of the wonderful sandy beaches with crystal water.


Welcome to Heraklion, the largest city of Crete.

After admiring the sights, you can walk around the market and find a place for grooming, enjoy your shopping, find a place to eat..

Need a haircut, hairstyle, etc., visit the hairdresser Irene Tryfidi, at her two points, one at 13 Zografou Str. and second at 158 Irodotou Str., as well as the hairdresser Chic Shock at 23 Dimokratias Av.

Beauty & cosmetics products, at the best prices, can be found in Department stores Hondos Center 25th August & Agiou Titou Str.

Nails, make up, eyelashes, rejuvance and shiatsu you can visit RK at 4 Katechaki Str.

Men’s and Women’s shoes can be found in store Tsakiris Mallas, at 30-32 Dedalou Str.

Also Men’s and Women’s shoes can be found in Timberland Store at 10 Zografou Str.

Famous Greek Clothing for men and women can be found in store MORITZ-EVA, 12-14 Dedalou Str.

You can buy Women’s shoes in Malena store at 91 1821 Str.

Women’s fashion can be found in store Lussile Elena G, 72 1821 Str.

Also can be found in store Lucifair, 19 Kyrillou Loukareos Str.

Linen clothing can be bought from PLS Fashion store, at 90 Andrea Papandreou Str. Ammoudara, and SOHO store, at 83, 1821 str.

Kids clothing, toys and accessories at the best quality and prices in Disney Stars Fantasyland at 9 Thiseos Str.

Underwear, swimwear can be found in store Fay, 3 Zografou Str.

The best Sneaker-Shop, Energysport by Vertoudos, can be found in a historic building at 8-10 Kalergon Sqr.

For Luxury furs, leather and accessories go to Kastoria Furs at 85 Kalokairinou Str.

All your sex fantasies... at Sexyworld, 2 Nik. Kazantzaki Str.

Opticals, sunglasses, eyeglasses and contact lenses can be found in store Sophia Stratigi-Pasali, 43 Kyrillou Loukareos Str.

Silver jewelleries, watches, leather bags and scarves can be bought in store Delight, 8 Perdikari Str.

Jewelleries can be found in store Kanakis, 35 Dikeosinis Av.

Jewelleries and watches can be found in store Papadakis at three shopping points, two at 23 & 29 Dikeosinis Av. and one at 31 Kondilaki Str.

Handmade jewelleries can be found in store Manousakis at two shopping points, one at 3 Nikiforou Fokas Str. Lions Sqr. and second at 73 1821 Str.

AS Gallery – Agapi Smpokou hosts artwork and contemporary jewellery of Greek artists and designers at 9 Psaromiligon Str.

Leather bags and accessories can be found in store Queens at two shopping points, 16 Dedalou Str. and 3 Dikeosinis Str.

Also you can buy leather goods, bags, belts, wallet and travel accessories in store Halkiadaki Izabella, 47 1866 Str.

Travel guides, maps etc. you can be found in bookstore Roadside, 48 25th of August Str.

You can buy toys in store Toyhouse, 40 1821 Str. as well as you can find quality toys, all over the world, in store Baloo at 51 Kalokerinou Str.

Cretan traditional products, herbs & spices collection can be found in store E. Kabrianis Family, 4 1866 Str. and 10 1866 Str.

For Cretan Folk art go at Helen Kastrinoyoianni at 1 Eleftherias Sqr.

You can buy organics products in store Irida at 16 Almyrou Str.

Cretan Traditional Cuisine can be served in tavern - restaurant Arismari & Varsamo, at 10 Lysimachou Kalokairinou.

Also Greek Traditional Restaurant, Antipodas, at 13 Korai Str., is waiting for you to taste its cuisine.

Greek Traditional Cuisine can be served in tavern - restaurant Ligo Krasi...Ligo Thalassa, Marineli & Mitsotaki Str., Potr.

Fresh meat, fresh fish, Greek traditional cuisine can be served in tavern Paraskevas, 1 Grevenon Str.

Just outside the city center, in the village of Rogdia, you can find the traditional tavern Meteoro.

A tasteful world with a great view of the fortress Koules at restaurant Thalassinos Kosmos, 11 Sof. Venizelou Str.

Coffee, juice, ice cream, wine, sweets, cocktails, waffles, snack, lunch, beer etc. visit Enastron cafe, bar, restaurant at Eleftherias Sq. 35.

Dish Cafe Resto Bar at Agiou Titou Sqr.

Cafe Restaurant Enetiko, at 15 Eleftheriou Venizelou Sqr., Lions Sqr.

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